ISPRS Geospatial Week workshop on photogrammetric 3D reconstruction for geo-applications – September 2017

PhotoGA 2017 will provide an opportunity and platform for all professionals involved in photogrammetric 3D reconstruction to share research ideas and results, foster and enhance cooperation, draw inspirations and maximize potentials. It will gather experts from photogrammetry, remote sensing, and computer vision from both academia and industry. The workshop will be held at the Wuhan University (China) on September 21st and September 22nd.

A call for papers is open, until March 31st. Topics of interest include:
- Non-conventional image sources, i.e. oblique images
- Feature extraction, stereo/multi-view sparse matching, dense image matching
- Aerial/Space sensor calibration and orientation
- Image alignment and applications
- Multi-source data fusion
- Multi-view geometry and image sequence analysis
- 3D Data acquisition and surface reconstruction
- Small unmanned aerial systems for 3D mapping
- Evaluation of performance, reliability, robustness, and generality of methods

More information at: PhotoGA 2017.