Meeting with Geovoxel

A meeting with Geovoxel was held during the Fall. Geovoxel is a company founded in 2011 in Brazil by Louis-Martin Losier (who holds a master degree in geomatics sciences from Université Laval). Geovoxel is a company operating in the fields of engineering and systems, with emphasis on geomatics. The mission of the company is to develop solutions for the integration and processing of georeferenced data, aiming to organize the information in a structured, centralized and safe way, utilizing geomatics as the main tool, to the benefits of their clients, their team and the society.

Geovoxel will move its Systems Division to Quebec City in 2016 and is looking for partners. For information, please contact Louis-Martin Losier.

[Download the Geovoxel presentation (.PDF)]
[Download the meeting minutes (in French) (.PDF)]