3D data and models are challenging to find. What if they were one click away?

Your time, money, and work quality are at risk when:

  • Web search engines return thousands of links
  • You cannot decide between similar 3D models
  • Your team has been tricked with 3D models that do not fit your purpose
  • You have been provided with 3D datasets that do not match your other data

We have found that:

  • Numerous relevant 3D resources remain absent from web search results
  • Geoportals, either independent or part of spatial data infrastructures, provide conflicting clues when 3D features are questioned
  • A large portion of the 3D information running in geoportals lack explicit 3D context

We have tackled the core of 3D data discovery by:

  • Proposing a 3D metadata schema based on theoretical and practical knowledge
  • Providing more 3D information enhanced with explicit context and generic conceptualization
  • Weighting the usability of the 3D metadata schema according to consumers’ needs

You take advantage of it as:

  • Consumer, by discovering the appropriate 3D datasets at a lower risk
  • Producer or Publisher, by ensuring better visibility and higher rank in the 3D market
  • Portal governor, by improving the discovery mechanisms
  • Academia, by having access to a formal organization of 3D knowledge

For more information

Alborz Zamyadi
Ph.D. student, Département des sciences géomatiques, Université Laval
email: alborz.zamyadi.1@ulaval.ca

Jacynthe Pouliot

Full professor, Département des sciences géomatiques, Université Laval
email: Jacynthe.Pouliot@scg.ulaval.ca