The Network welcomes two new industrial partners

We are happy to announce the arrival of two new industrial partners in the Convergence Network: Chaac Technologies and Thales- Research and Technology Canada.
Through this partnership, both companies hope to work with Network members on various R & D projects and benefit from our researchers expertise.

About Chaac Technologies
Chaac Technologies Inc. is a dynamic and innovative company that provides worldwide, software and mobile applications to support the decision process and information management during an environmental crisis. Chaac’s mission is to ensure that its customers are better prepared and intervene with optimal efficiency during response operations following emergencies.

About Thales Research and Technology Canada
Thales role is to assist customers in making decisions by providing the tools and technologies needed to gather, process and distribute information, helping them to understand complex situations so they can decide and act in a timely fashion and obtain the best outcomes. This understanding of the critical decision chain underpins their innovation and technological developments in areas such as large-scale software-driven systems, secure communications, sensors (radar, sonar, optical), supervision, onboard electronics, satellites and systems integration.

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