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In order to learn more about the Convergence Network members expertise and research activities and facilitate partnership, we are offering a series of webinars.

Researchers will be invited to present a 30 minutes webinar about their work and research interests. The webinar will be recorded and will be available in synchronous and asynchronous modes, via our website.

We are planning to have a webinar per month. The first of the series will take place in January and will be presented by Rodolphe Devillers.

The Convergence Network
Bring together experts for better innovation


One of the Network key objectives is to facilitate and accelerate technology transfer. In this context, we would like to advertise your current or completed research projects with potential for technology transfer to our partners or for which you would like to follow through.

These projects could possibly be the subject of technology transfer projects, with matching funding, bridging the gap between completion of research and technology adoption by end users.

You will be asked to take advantage of this opportunity and send us information about your projects. We will arrange to provide an interesting showcase on our website.





We are currently organizing the first workshop of the Network that will take place in late February 2014. This workshop will be the first gathering of all members (researchers and partners). Its objectives are multiple: present to partners an overview of researchers expertise and activities; allow industrial partners to showcase their products and services; provide an opportunity for government partners (users) to express their needs in terms of research and development.

The workshop will include short presentations sessions and discussion and sharing periods in order to identify common needs, prioritize certain research areas and have a glimpse of potential collaborations.

This workshop will be followed by a workshops series on more specific topics, bringing together working groups around common interests. The preliminary schedule is three thematic workshops during the next year (late April to early June and November 2014).

  News from the 1st Administrative Committee meeting
The first Convergence Network Administrative Committee meeting was held on November 1st at Université Laval. This meeting was an opportunity to discuss several aspects, especially regarding the governance structure and the purpose of its different committees, the collaboration with Quebec International, the expected services and the Network priority activities. The major point that came out of this meeting was that it is essential to identify priority needs of our users. The upcoming activities of the Network will be going in this direction.
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