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A Network on the Web!
The CONGERVENCE Network is now on the Web. The website is a showcase of our members, our innovation projects and our successes.  We planned a private section (Members Area) which will contain strategic information and in which we will drop various promotional material, reports, etc. Visit the website now and take this opportunity to check your own information. Your comments and suggestions are welcomed!
The Convergence Network
Bring together experts for better innovation
The Administrative Committee is now appointed

The Network Administrative Committee is now active. The Administrative Committee is responsible for taking decisions that ensure proper functioning of the Network (directions, development, administration and finances). The Committee also supports the Scientific Director and his team in the execution of their mission.

The first meeting was held on Friday, November 1st

Follow the link for more details on the Committee.

Strategic watch for academia/industry partnerships funding programs

The Network coordination team will be constantly looking for partnership research/industry funding opportunities.  The results will be disseminated via the members area of our website. Also, each Network newsletter will outline a specific program (see the sidebar hereof).

Join us on LinkedIn!

In order to provide visibility to our Network, we have created a public page and a private group on LinkedIn. The public page will allow us promote our activities while the private group will only be open to our members. This private group is meant to be a platform to submit ideas for projects in partnerships, to identify themes to explore, find potential partners to complete a team, etc. You are strongly encouraged to log on to these two entities.

Upcoming meetings to identify users’ needs

Several meetings will be held shortly to exchange about users’ needs and identify priorities.  The first ones will be set with AcriGéo members (ministère des Ressources naturelles du Québec) and with ministère des Transports du Québec. The needs, in terms of R&D, that will be identified will then be reported to you and will serve as a basis for projects elaboration.

 Visit our website to see the various activities organized by the Network.

Geomatics 2013 attendance

The CONVERGENCE Network was at the Geomatics 2013 Conference that took place on October 3 and 4 in Montreal. We held a booth and took advantage of this important gathering of the geomatics community to promote our Network and its activities.

Funding program watch


PURPOSE: support large-scale technology projects that exhibit strong commercialization potential and promote cross-industry collaboration

NATURE: Up to 50% of total eligible project costs

Questions or comments?

Do not hesitate to contact us for additional information, questions or comments

Email: info@convergence.ulaval.ca
Phone: 418.656.2283

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