The Convergence Network of geospatial intelligence for innovation mission is to facilitate consolidation of academic and primary users expertise in order to stimulate geospatial technologies research and innovation activities for geographical knowledge processing, and meet Quebec society priority needs. The Network is mobilizing a critical mass of scientific and technical expertise in the geospatial area. The Network activities enable the users to address their needs in R & D and skills. They also support the Network researchers with the development and the commercialization of their research results.  The Network is multidisciplinary and is providing opportunities for researchers of various disciplines (computer science, geography, civil engineering, forestry, environmental health, public health and safety, administration, oceanography, urban planning and design) to share ideas and expertise contributing to the progress of these disciplines.


The Convergence Network is supported by a grant from Fonds de recherche du Québec-nature et technologies through the Support for Innovation Networks program.