New series of books “Land Surface Remote Sensing”

We are pleased to inform you of the publication of a series of books entitled “Land Surface Remote Sensing” with ISTE-Elsevier editors (September, 2016):

  •  Optical Remote Sensing of Land Surfaces
  • Microwave Remote Sensing of Land Surfaces
  • Land Surface Remote Sensing in Agriculture and Forest
  • Land Surface Remote Sensing in Continental Hydrology
  • Land Surface Remote Sensing in Urban and Coastal Areas
  • Land Surface Remote Sensing: Environment and Risks

This series is designed for those who wish to discover or intensify their knowledge of remote sensing applied to continental surfaces. Each book of this series contains a dozen chapters.

This series is the result of a rich collaboration with world-class researchers in different topics including Canadians co-authors. The editors are the two researchers Nicolas Baghdadi (PhD) and Mehrez Zribi (PhD).

More details can be found at:

(1) http://www.iste.co.uk/index.php?searchtext=baghdadi&ACTION=Search&cat=&ACTION=Search


(2) http://store.elsevier.com/searchResults.jsp?_sbterm=&_requestid=4227446 (tapping baghdadi ou zribi)