Projects in incubation phase

Among Convergence Network activities, thematic workshops are an opportunity to stimulate discussions between researchers and users on specific research theme. The final purpose is to set up new joint projects.

So far, we have launched two focus groups with representatives from academia, industry and government around two specific research themes: LiDAR and participatory mapping. The two groups are currently trying to seek consensus on priority research issues in order to define one or more research projects in partnership.

Meetings reports can be downloaded from our Member area. (in french only)

You would like to take part in discussions and participate in R & D projects on these topics?

Current projects

This section features research projects undertaken by Convergence Network researchers and aims to:

  • increase awareness of the Network members activities and expertise
  • stimulate discussions and initiate new partnerships
  • promote and accelerate knowledge transfer and ownership of results by users

Completed projects, ready for adoption!

This section features completed research  projects  with high application potential for which a technology transfer project (with matching funds) would fill the gap between the  project  termination and the uptake of the technology by end users.