FORPIQ 9th Edition April 26th 2017 – Unlocking the power of your IP

As traditional intellectual property (IP) strategies are becoming less attractive for businesses, new IP models are emerging, revealing the full potential for commercializing one’s IP. FORPIQ 2017 will explore these trends and in particular focus on how businesses are implementing these new models to capture the value of their IP assets.

With speakers and panelists composed of seasoned business and IP leaders operating in all sectors of industry, FORPIQ 2017 is intended for an audience of entrepreneurs, IP experts, investors, and government officials who appreciate how IP forms an integral part of today’s business strategies.

In terms of innovation, FORPIQ will have the pleasure to welcome Catherine Lacavera, Director of IP and Litigation at Google. She has successfully managed a docket of more than 1000 patent and other intellectual property matters, including the Viacom and other copyright litigation against YouTube, and the Apple, Microsoft and Oracle copyright and patent litigation directed at Android.
From all of the experience, Catherine will share some of the lessons learned from negotiating commercial deals involving IP, and will certainly bring a fresh, innovating perspective on the exploitation of such important assets. Other renowned speakers will also provide insights on financing, acquisition, management and integration strategies related to IP assets.

This event will be held at the Centre Mont-Royal (Montréal), on April 26th, 2017.

For more information and to register: FORPIQ 2017.

Early bird rate available until March 21st. Special discount for startups.